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In this photographic project, the element that enhances the interpretation of the observed is deleted. The frame, which in many cases covers the entire image, redefining the object photographed now has been removed. The window frame is also a sort of intermediary space that marks and explains the game of reflections and refractions on a surface.

In this case, the window, associated always with "voyeuristic" processes and known also as a pictorial structure and an absolute point of view, is blurred and redrawn in a mirror system.

The window is filled with elements which make difficult a bilateral vision and overlap the outside with the inside. In this scheme mirror, the window will act as a projection screen, creating what could be considered a false retinal image. That image means, following the “descartian” optical, the reflection of the world in the back of the eye. This view however is impossible, because according to the precepts of the Lacanian gaze, which I personally consider essential to the closure of this project, as individuals we can never place ourselves in the same position as the human eye itself. This window appears again as an eye, but this time associated with the concept of look and disassociated with the subject. Thus the image of the environment emerges veiled, and is superimposed to a ghostly image of the interior of the house, to which, as avid consumers of intrigue film, we hope to access. Also this object / window, doesn’t show the subject / performer / spectator in its reflection, proof of this gap.